Richard Haas - General Manager

Dubai, UAE
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I have been a GCSAA member for 32 years and have been certified for 23 years. Not long after I started working at Edgebrook Country Club during high school in 1982 did I realize that I had found my true passion. I was introduced to GCSAA by reading an issue of Golf Course Management Magazine that the club had received. In the fall of 1984, I attended Western Texas College to pursue a degree in Turfgrass Management. At that time, I joined GCSAA as a Student Member. Becoming a member of GCSAA has allowed me to make many connections and friends throughout the world. It was at the 1991 Golf Industry Show that an opportunity presented itself to me and allowed me to expand my career into the international market.

I have continued to stay very involved with GCSAA which has allowed my career to continue to grow. I believe that without my GCSAA membership, I would not be where I am today.

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