Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS, MG - Superintendent

West Des Moines, Iowa
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In 1980, I was lucky to become a GCSAA Scholarship recipient. Right away upon graduation it meant something on a resume. It opened some doors for interviews at that time that I never would have received.

I later became very involved in my chapter and I served on several GCSAA committees over the years meeting fellow superintendents and industry professionals. I never would have met these people if I didn’t have a membership in a professional organization like GCSAA. From allowing me to speak at GIS, to receiving my CGCS designation and being able to speak on a webinar, it all has been first class and great to be a part of.

The applied research and educational opportunities that GCSAA has provided to turf professionals like myself have been invaluable. I have always felt GCSAA has tried to be a leader and keep the image and profession of the superintendent at the forefront of golf. It has been great to be a member.

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